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For more than 50 years, I've taken photographs in various locales. Here are some of my favorites.
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61. Dallas

Evening view of downtown Dallas and Oak Cliff (lower left) and western Dallas County, including Mountain Creek Lake. 1997

62. Dallas

Afternoon view includes the Trinity River, Oak Cliff, and western Dallas County. At center right is grassy diamond site of the former Burnett Field – home of the Dallas Eagles and first home of the Dallas-Fort Worth Rangers – between the two sets of bridges (Houston and Jefferson, Thornton and Cadiz). Lake Cliff Park nearby, a bit to the west. 2003

63. Dallas

Morning view includes Interstate 30 (lower left and top center), the Jefferson and Houston viaducts, the old Memorial Auditorium (round roof near center) and Reunion Tower (upper right). 2003.

64. Dallas

Afternoon view of the west end of downtown Dallas. Woodall Rodgers Freeway extends from lower left to connect with Stemmons Freeway (Interstate 35). Other arteries above Woodall Rodgers include: railroad tracks, Commerce Street, Interstate 30, and the viaducts: Houston, Jefferson, Thornton and Cadiz. Oak Cliff at upper portion of photo. 2003.

65. Dallas

Morning view along the Stemmons Freeway includes the Dallas World Trade Center (left), Trade Mart and Market Center. Street up the bottom center is Wycliff Avenue. Across the freeway is the Anatole Hotel. 2003.

66. Dallas

The "Old Red Courthouse." Built in 1892 to replace one destroyed by fire. Photo taken from the Commerce Street side, near Houston Street. 2010

67. Dallas

1971 in Dealey Plaza, named for George Dealey (1859-1946), longtime publisher of the Dallas Morning News. His statue is backdropped by the Texas School Book Depository and its infamous corner window on the sixth floor. The Hertz sign was still providing time and temperature. (The former book depository is now the Dallas County Administration Building.)

68. Dallas

From the railroad bridge above the Triple Underpass, view of John F. Kennedy assassination site on Elm Street. Vantage point of several railroad workers at 12:30 p.m. on Nov. 22, 1963. 1998

69. Dallas

Kennedy assassination site on Elm Street. 1998.

70. Dallas

Dealey Plaza visitors and tour guides on the grassy knoll. Wooden fence a victim of souvenir hunters. 1998.

71. Moscow

In Russian airspace (a commercial flight, not a U-2), over northwestern Moscow. Federal Highway M10/E105 up from bottom right of photo, linking across the water with Leningradskoe Shosse. 1994

72. Moscow

St. Basil's Cathedral, commissioned by Ivan the Terrible and built from 1555 through 1561. In Red Square. 1994

73. Moscow

Monument honoring Dmitry Pozharsky (sitting) and Kuzma Minin in front of St. Basil's Cathedral. They led the liberation of the Moscow Kremlin in 1612. Monument was moved from center of Red Square to front of the cathedral in 1936. 1994.

74. Moscow

View of Red Square from inside St. Basil's Cathedral. 1994.

75. Moscow

On the eastern side of Red Square, the façade of the GUM shopping mall. 1994

76. Moscow

Outside the Moscow Kremlin (fortress, citadel). 1994.

77. Moscow

The Cathedral of the Dormition (also known as the Cathedral of the Assumption), built from 1475 to 1479. Limestone walls and five golden cupolas. Site of coronation of Russian tsars. 1994.

78. Moscow

Russian nesting dolls depicting Tsar Nicholas II, wife Alexandra, and their five children, all murdered by some Bolsheviks in Yekaterinburg in 1918. 1994.

79. Moscow

Inside the Moscow Kremlin, statue of Vladimir Lenin (1870-1924), leader of the Bolsheviks and creator of the Soviet Communist Party. 1994.

80. Moscow

Along the Moscow Metro, artwork at Kievskaya station, built in 1954. 1994.



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